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Available Positions

Career Paths

At ICBL you will find enriching opportunities. As we adapt and progress toward a Company with global objectives, you are invited to consider these roles as you assess and pursue your own personal growth and advancement.

Chief Executive Officer’s Office
This business unit comprises our C-Suite and Senior Management Team.

Insurance Operations
In this area, positions vary from Insurance Specialists, Claims Assessors, Project Management and Risk Management to all roles that facilitate and/or support customer service.

Finance/Accounts/Compensation & Benefits
To discharge the variety of tasks in this Business Unit, a number of positions are staffed, including accounting officers in the areas of general accounting, cash management and credit management.

Product, Technology & Business Solutions
This Business Unit is responsible for product development, digital transformation and information technology and therefore positions such as Product Manager, Programmer analyst, Systems Analyst and Business Analyst exist.

Technical Underwriting Business Unit
This team provides specialized services to the Company, including but not limited to Actuarial Services, Reinsurance Technicians and Business Performance Analyst.

Asset Management
Responsible for managing the Company’s funds as it relates to making sound investment decisions with the aim of maintaining and diversifying the Company’s portfolio. Also responsible for the management and administration of ICBL’s pension schemes, third party pensions, real estate, lending and other investments.

Corporate Secretary’s Office/Compliance
This Business Unit supports the team by providing services ranging from legal services to administrative services which support same.

Sales & Marketing
The name says it all! If you’re naturally a high-performer and have a creative genius within you, this team is definitely for you. Here you will find roles pertaining to our Broker, Commercial, Life Sales and Marketing sub-units and administrative roles which support same.

Human Resources & Facilities  
If you can empathetically balance business exigencies, the Human Resources Business Unit will be a good fit. Here you will find roles that cater to managing the operations, performance management, experience and legal requirements regarding an employee and their life cycle. Additionally, if you have skillsets that can support our Facilities team which pertain mostly to property maintenance, consider our roles which become available.

The Human Resources Business Unit facilitates an inspiring Internship Programme. To date, it has added significant value to our organization and provided young persons with many ‘firsts’ in the corporate world.

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