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Important things to remember

If you are involved in an auto accident resulting in injury or property damage, you need to report it to your insurance agent, broker, or insurance company immediately, (using our OmniPlus service at 246-434-6004), and in any event within seven days, regardless of who is at fault.

If you are unable to report the accident within seven days, report it as soon as possible after that. If you don’t report your accident within a reasonable time, this could affect our ability to investigate the circumstances and we may not have to honour your claim.

Your insurance agent, broker, or company representative will ask you to supply some basic information.

  • Name and address of the owner of other vehicle(s) and/or property in the accident, make, model, license plate number etc.
  • Details of all persons involved in the accident, (drivers, passengers, witnesses, injured persons etc.)
  • Policy number of the Insurance company
  • Details regarding the accident, including:
  • date, time and location of the accident
  • nature of any injuries
  • the number of passengers involved, if any
  • the extent of damage to the vehicle
  • the license plate numbers of the other vehicles
  • the name and badge number of the investigating police officer, if the accident was reported to the police
  • conditions of the road (eg. debris or diesel)
  • witnesses

The claims process will be easier to understand if you know the details of your coverage and your responsibilities.

Understanding the claims process

You will be contacted by the claims adjuster assigned to your file, who will determine the extent to which the claim is covered by your Policy, explain the coverages provided and help guide you through the entire claims process.

Responsibility is assigned to a driver on which scenario is supported by the evidence available. If the descriptions provided do not match the evidence or are in dispute, then the company has the right to obtain evidence from the attending Police Officer or other expert evidence and fault is allocated according to their findings.

We do not have control over the time it takes to obtain a police report, as they are many factors which affect delivery to ICBL.

If you are charged with an offence, you will not necessarily be found at fault for insurance purposes.

Yes. The circumstances of an accident may show that more than one driver was partly at fault.

This depends on a number of factors. Your Broker, Agent or insurance representative can advise you on your particular case.

Speak to the claims adjuster handling your file, and bring any new information to the attention of the Company. If ICBL refuses to revise its decision and you still disagree, contact the company’s Compliance Officer. You can also file a complaint through the Company’s complaint procedure.

This will depend on if you are responsible for the accident as well as the type of coverages you have purchased. Speak to your claims adjuster regarding your specific situation

We will work with you in getting the damage to your vehicle assessed quickly, efficiently and accurately. An independent appraiser will appraise your vehicle and provide us with a written repair estimate. Once this is completed, we will authorize commencement of repairs.

You are under no obligation to have the repairs done at the registered dealer. You can obtain an estimate from the repairer of your choice and submit to your claims representative as soon as possible.

This depends on the coverages on your Policy. It’s best to ask your claims adjuster if you’re covered before renting a replacement vehicle.

Under your policy of insurance, Total Loss means the loss or destruction of the Vehicle or damage to the Vehicle which we consider uneconomical to repair. If your vehicle is not repairable, your claim will be settled based on the fair market value of the vehicle. Please refer to your insurance policy for further information.

Your excess / deductible

In an effort to eliminate numerous “nuisance” claims, you are held responsible for the first portion of damage to your vehicle or property for which a claim is made. The amount for which you are responsible is usually referred to as the “Excess”, or “Deductible”. Please speak to your claims adjuster about your specific situation.

We will reimburse you any Deductible applied to your claim once the other insurance carrier Pays or in some instances, agrees to reimburse your claim. Please speak to your Claims adjuster for specific details.

We will be happy to provide you with a copy of the police report; your vehicle damage photos, and repair appraisals when these documents are available. Please contact us if you would like to receive these documents.

Your full cooperation is needed throughout the Recovery process to achieve a prompt and efficient reimbursement of your claim. If you receive any information from the other party or their insurance company, please notify ICBL promptly.

Unfortunately, the recovery process may be unsuccessful due to one of the following reasons:

  • The uninsured responsible party had no assets to pursue
  • ICBL was not successful in the Arbitration process

If this happens, we will be unable to refund your excess.

ICBL only has the right to recover money paid on your behalf for those losses/expenses that are actually covered by your policy. If you have incurred additional expenses which were not covered by your policy, you have the right to seek legal remedy against any party you believe to be responsible for your loss, but ICBL has no legal right to pursue those expenses on your behalf.

What if?

The maximum payable by us is $2,500.00. This cover is only available to comprehensive private policyholders. Windshield replacement can be done same day but it usually takes no more than two working days to replace your windshield.

Stolen vehicle claims are settled on the findings of the police report. The time period for settlement is six (6) weeks, if the vehicle is not recovered.

How long does the claims process take?

It depends on the type of claim and the availability of information. Our service standards for paying a covered claim is within fourteen (14) days of receiving the claim and all necessary documentation.

Single vehicle accidents are subject to a full investigation and may take longer to settle.

How is my premium affected?

This is dependent on your coverage history and accident history and must therefore be addressed by your Insurance representative when you make a claim.

Your No Claims Discount will be protected in the event that you make a claim for property damage under your policy and you are unable to obtain indemnity from a Third Party who is either unknown or uninsured and who, in our opinion, is liable for the loss.

Third Party vs Comprehensive

The minimum level of cover that you need to drive on the roads of Barbados is Third party only cover. It will insure you in the event that you cause damage to other vehicles, persons, or property in an accident. It will not cover any damage to you or to your vehicle.

Comprehensive car insurance is the most complete protection you can get and provides cover on your vehicle up to the amount you are insured for. This is called the "sum insured" which is usually the Market Value of your car. It covers any damage sustained by you, your car, and any third parties involved in an accident, fire or theft.

It also provides you with extra benefits such as a rental vehicle for up to one week if yours is disabled in an accident, stolen or written off, roadside assistance, and windscreen/Glass repair or replacement.