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Notes to Notice of Annual Meeting

Attendance at the Meeting

  1. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and our desire to protect the health of our valued Shareholders,
    the Twenty-First Annual Meeting will be held virtually. Shareholders will not be able to
    physically attend the meeting in person.
  2. Shareholders are asked to pre-register for attendance by emailing
    no later than 48 hours before the meeting.
  3. Once you are confirmed as a Shareholder on record, you will receive an email with a username
    and password that will enable access to the meeting via a computer or device connected to the
  4. You will need a working internet connection in order to attend and participate in the meeting.
  5. Shareholders may appoint a proxy to attend the meeting on their behalf. The Form of Proxy and
    instructions for its completion are available to be downloaded at
  6. Please note that Shareholders will not be able to login and view the meeting on more than one
    device at a time. In order to switch devices, you will need to log out of the first device before
    joining the meeting on the second device.
  7. Shareholders attending electronically, will have an opportunity to submit questions when
    invited to do so by the Chairman by typing and submitting their question in writing via the
    messaging icon from within the navigation bar in the meeting.


  1. Once the voting has commenced, the resolutions and voting choices will appear on the screen.
    You may vote by choosing one of the options on the screen. You will receive a confirmation that
    your vote has been received.
  2. Votes will be tallied according to the number of shares held by each Shareholder.