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The staff, parents and students of The Challenor Creative Arts and Training Centre are happier today due to renovations conducted at the school as a result of the fundraising efforts championed by ICBL and ManuLife.

ICBL CEO Geoff Scott and President and CEO of ManuLife, Claudio Macchi made it their mission to garner support from other private sector companies to make the much needed repairs a reality.  The Challenor School is now better equipped to ensure the safety of its staff and special needs children with the extensive restorations carried out on the property at a price tag of over $165,000. The project was expertly executed by The Zander Venezia Trust.

For almost fifty (50) years, the school has provided academic, rehabilitative, and vocational services to persons with special needs. Additionally, they provide care and education in essential life skills to children of all ages with varying levels of intellectual and physical ability, as well as adults with mild intellectual disabilities.

Commenting on ICBL’s adoption of this project, Scott said: “This was an easy decision for us. It is an excellent example of how local and offshore insurance industry players can come together to support a great cause.  None of us could have done this alone”.

Several executive members and representatives of the various insurance related companies attended the rededication ceremony of the building on November 5th. Following the ceremony, a tour of the partially renovated facility revealed bright, new classrooms - the walls adorned with class projects, creative, sensory rooms - key for the less verbal and introverted students and numerous other upgrades.

COO Oliver Jordan represented ICBL at the ceremony, along with Averil Byer, Head of Marketing and Communications and Marketing team, Sharleen Browne and Tyson Thompson.