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ICBL Nurse Lisa
ICBL Nurse Lisa on Healthy Living


The concern of childhood obesity in Barbados remains on the lips of our citizens. ICBL continues to lead in the fight against Chronic Non Communicable Diseases and on behalf of the company, Nurse Lisa recently presented on Healthy Living at the Hillaby Turner’s Hall Primary School in St. Thomas. During the presentation, children were taught the importance of:

  • Staying active and not spending inordinate amounts of time watching television and playing video games
  • Being aware of the actual amount of sugar in carbonated beverages and benefits of the Barbadian, “Government Juice”
  • Eating balanced meals from the 5 food groups


The message was well received and Principal Ms. Angela Edwards affirmed her commitment to investing in the Health and Wellness of her students and staff.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados presented their Obesity Opinion Poll and the details of that poll are shown in the image below.

According to the research, Barbadians seem eager to learn more about reducing obesity and healthy lifestyles.