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Big Show Partners
Big Show Partners

ICBL declared that the company is Crop Over Correct at the De Big Show tent launch which took place on May 25th, 2019. This announcement signified the company’s support of De Big Show 2019 by way of financial sponsorship.

Calypso tents are an important part of our festival which in turn is integral to our culture. Cultural development and maintenance is a major strategic pillar for us at ICBL as it defines our identity as Barbadians and provides us with opportunities for economic growth” noted Head of Sales and Business Development, Sharron Alleyne – Elcock.

She made the call for more companies to invest in Crop Over as it was integral to ensuring a superior festival and that as good corporate citizens ICBL was prepared to play their part.

The launch saw performances from tent members and calypso stalwarts such as Gabby, De Might Grynner and Mistah Dale. De Big Show opening night is on June 15th2019.