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World Heart Day was the focus on Sunday September 29th. The theme for this year was “Be a Heart Hero” and ICBL staff, led by CEO Geoff Scott, took this to heart and partnered with the Heart and Stroke Foundation to share the message of heart health at a commemorative service at the St. Paul’s Church.

The sermon, conducted by Reverend Erma Ambrose, strategically addressed the various physical ways we should focus on heart health but also encouraged the congregation to “have a heart” and practice kindness to each other.

Reverend Ambrose went on express her gratitude to ICBL for visiting the church and acknowledged the heart shaped stress relievers the company brought and distributed as tokens. Noting that every member of the congregation received this gift, she remarked that this was a caring act by the company and an example to be followed.


CEO Geoff Scott used the opportunity to acknowledge the good work being done by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and noted that their labour of love was important to the organisation’s ability to provide assistance to those in need. On behalf of the company, Scott pledged his commitment to the community and further reinforced ICBL’s support of the Foundation with a monetary donation of $5000, which was accepted by Ms. Ena Harvey, Senior Vice President of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.