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It has been reported that prostate cancer rates are higher in Westernized African origin populations when compared to other ethnic and racial groups by the International Journal of Cancer. On Friday September 20th, ICBL took a much needed step towards the screening efforts used to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

A prostate cancer screening drive took place at the company’s Head Office which saw all ICBL males receiving the Prostate Specific Antigen test screening. This initiative, facilitated by Cancer Support Services, was an effort by the company to bring awareness to prostate health. Staff were encouraged to wear blue, the designated colour for prostate cancer awareness and educational material regarding the risk factors and symptoms of prostate cancer was shared with all staff through the company’s easyWELLNESS program. This program which is led by ICBL’s Nurse Administrator Lisa Brathwaite – Graham is an evidenced-based, comprehensive, cost effective intervention for improving the health status and health expenditures of the company’s group health clients.

Brathwaite – Graham expressed her pleasure at seeing the activity realized:The observation of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in September is mostly recognized in North America but we chose to adopt this initiative at ICBL because we recognize the need to increase the awareness internally and externally of prostate health.

One of the key risk factors for prostate cancer is a high fat diet. We therefore need to reduce the consumption of high fat foods which can also lead to overweight and obesity.

She went to say:Processed foods are also a concern. Eating a high fibre diet and increasing your water intake is preferred to support a healthy lifestyle.

Leading from the front, ICBL’s CEO Geoff Scott was screened for prostate cancer. Of the initiative, Scott said:The response to this activity has been great. The majority of our men appreciated its importance and took advantage of the screening.

As a company at the forefront of health and wellness in the industry, we create opportunities where we can educate our staff and the public on several health related issues.

Our most valuable asset are our people and for us at ICBL we want to ensure that our staff are healthy and well taken care of.  With the help of Cancer Support Services, we provided the opportunity for all our males to receive screening today; it’s important that they know their status.

We also want to encourage all men to get tested annually and know their status.