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ICBL is reaffirmed as a Tier 3 Green Business by Green Business Barbados. This program, which is an initiative of the Future Centre Trust, recognizes environmental sustainability efforts by the business community. ICBL first gained its approval in 2013 and has proven that they are committed to eco – friendly practices and playing their part to preserve the earth for future generations.

The well-respected program, acknowledged that in 2020 ICBL excelled in the new Employee Well Being and Productivity section. This was achieved by focusing on investing in their human capital, staff, and customers by ensuring a high level of satisfaction between both groups. By including eco-friendly upgrades in their renovations such as high-speed hand dryers, installing LED lighting inside and outside the building, and an extensive water conservation program, ICBL effectively satisfied the program’s requirements for simultaneously increasing its efficiency and sustainability.

Green Business Barbados endeavors to give businesses credit for their existing efforts. This includes identifying areas where both small and large changes can lead to cost savings and overall footprint reduction. The program also offers suggestions to upgrade your annual tier level. Upgrades can be achieved through the evaluation of businesses using the Green Business Barbados Standard. This tool has identified action items for each Green Business Barbados Focus area: Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling; Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy; Water Conservation and Management; Pollution Control and Management, Employee Productivity, and Well-Being.


Senior Manager, Sales and Business Development of ICBL, Christian Paul, and Chairman of the ICBL Green Team, proudly accepts the Green Business plaque from Green Business Barbados Developer, Lani Edghill.