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As part of the activities to help raise Internal Audit awareness, on May 14th 2021, the Internal Audit team of Alwyn Springer and Vanna – Lee Fields focused on the community. 

Acknowledging May as Child Month and noting that Springer is currently a resident of the Welches St. Thomas Community, the team chose to visit the Class 4 students of the Welches Primary School. 

Springer noted that their goal was to reach the students early and provide a bit of exposure to audit as a potential career path.

During the visit, the team:

  • Defined audit and provided insight into what is involved 
  • Outlined some of the benefits of choosing audit as a career path
  • Took the students through an auditor character trait exercise.
  • Students pulled a word from a basket in this activity and explained what that word meant to them. When all of the words were reviewed, Springer and Fields informed the students that Internal Auditors must possess all of the traits mentione

  • Took the students through a brief stocktaking exercise to provide them with practical insight into some of the work that auditors do

At the end of the activity, the team thanked the students for their attention, eagerness, and participation. The students confirmed that they had an enjoyable and educational session with the ICBL team and the Head Boy delivered the vote of thanks.

Fields and Springer had one more surprise for the Class 4 students of Welches Primary and left them a tasty parting gift.