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Before submitting that university application, you may have asked yourself a few questions. What career pays the most money? Are there many opportunities for upward mobility? Does this lend to entrepreneurship? Can I adequately support the lifestyle I want if I pursue this field?

One other question arises though, and it is perhaps the most important of all.  Will pursuing this field light up my life and bring me joy? Will I land a job I love? Will I be satisfied and fulfilled?

At the leading insurance company in Barbados, ICBL, the staff love working there, and they often express it. 

“Deep within me is the desire to serve, and this desire has been the hallmark of all my efforts. I care for the ICBL team dearly, and I am of the strongest opinion that the feelings are mutual. Team ICBL is a loving one, and when you get an opportunity to love and be loved, it makes the experience so much more meaningful. This is one of the biggest encouragements to come to work each day as you ply your trade. It is not perfect, as nothing in life is, but it is worth it!”

These are the powerful words of Medical and Health Services Administrator and 2021 Employee of the Year, Lisa Brathwaite-Graham.

So, what is it about the place that makes her and others love working there? Sure, ICBL encourages work-life balance and has a good work culture, but mostly, it’s because they love what they do. Researchers say enjoying your career is more important than earning a high salary or flashy title. Happiness does not directly correlate with money. 

For Lisa, she was doing what she loved, so she was already happy. The benefits offered by the company were the unexpected cherries on the cake!

When I first joined ICBL, I was impressed with the luxuries that the company afforded staff. Of course, some may be familiar with these luxuries, but I came from a public sector background, and this was foreign to me. Yearly bonus payments; subsidized health and pension contributions; clothing allowances; a preventative benefit like none other in the country, wow!”

Think that only Employees of the Year feel this way? Well, that’s not the case. ICBL Claims Assessor and budding poet Ryan Thornhill loves what he does and where he works so much that he put pen to paper and wrote a poem about and for the company. The heartfelt poem was crafted to be an inspiration and motivation to all.

“My impetus to write the poem is derived from my love for ICBL and my personal view of how employees should perform and promote the company.  Employees’ image and brand are positively correlated with that of ICBL. Therefore, if employees perform outstandingly well, everyone wins”.

When you love your job:

  • You have more energy to put into being successful. You are energized and ready to go; otherwise, you feel drained, and your performance suffers.
  • Your work comes naturally to you. Ideas seem to flow; you have confidence and perform at your peak.
  • You are persistent and willing to go the extra mile to ensure every task assigned is accomplished.

Overall, you are more productive.

That doesn’t mean that there will be no bumps in the road.  You may feel frustrated or disenchanted at times. Still, you can learn to sustain your momentum by just showing up, even when your career feels out of alignment.

So, once you find that career you love, here are some secrets to success to follow to keep you on track:

  1. Take initiative.

Today's career requirements are highly developed and require someone who will take risks, bring fresh ideas to the table, take initiative, start new projects, pitch new solutions and create new opportunities for the company.

  1. Evaluate yourself by putting criteria to meet at specific dates.

Outline your tasks and check off each task when completed. Challenge yourself and see how many you can achieve in the timeline. 

  1. Stay a step ahead of the curve by anticipating what your boss will want or require of you next.
  2. Show your worth by making your contribution. Let your actions speak for themselves.


The key takeaway from this is don’t be hasty when choosing a career. Instead, look within and find the answer to “What makes my heart sing?” When you find that thing, you may be on your way to success.