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ICBL announced today that CEO, Geoff Scott, will leave the Company effective July 26. This development comes after months of supporting a planned and positive transition of his responsibilities to the leadership team within the organisation. The Board is currently conducting a search for Scott’s replacement.

The in-progress transition plan will see an interim handover of the CEO’s responsibilities to Goulbourne Alleyne, the current Chief Underwriting Officer and a Board Member. Alleyne has played an integral leadership role at ICBL for over a decade, providing continuous stewardship for the business. He will maintain the growth momentum and commitment to customers and staff, with the Leadership Team.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Joe Poulin, stated: “We are thankful for Geoff’s leadership over the last four and a half years helping ICBL maintain its position in the market today. The company is a stable business, positioned for new possibilities and future growth. We look forward to finalizing and welcoming a new CEO to lead ICBL and we wish Geoff well in his future ventures. I want to also thank Goulbourne Alleyne for taking up the mantle during this transition period. As we move forward, we will continue to focus on profitability, growing the insurance business, and driving investment returns. ICBL has the organisational capacity to support our growth ambitions, and the Board has immense confidence in the leadership team to deliver the strategy and build the future of ICBL.”