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Two new shade trees beautify the landscape of the ICBL, Roebuck Street head office, following a tree -planting ceremony on Friday, April 22nd, to mark Earth Day 2022.

The two trees, a Hummingbird and a Black Pearl will not only beautify the space but help protect the ozone layer noted ICBL Facilities Manager Shawn Kissoondath, a member of the ICBL Green Committee.

Kissoondath said, “We decided as a committee to celebrate Earth Day by planting two trees to provide shade and beautify the landscape. We are in the middle of a concrete jungle, so we continue to add some natural vegetation to the area. The more trees you have, absorb the heat, so you will find the building is cooler, and the trees provide oxygen and clean the air around the area”.

The effort was also part of ICBL’s commitment to its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework.  Lead of the ESG team Corporate Secretary Claudia Clarke-Oderson, said as a designated green company, ICBL was also looking to introduce a “No Idling Policy” for vehicles on the company’s premises.  “One of our initiatives in green business is reducing carbon footprint and carbon levels,” she said during the tree planting ceremony.

The policy, which is expected to be implemented in the near future, aims to sensitize motorists to the need to not leave an engine idling and creating emissions that are bad for the environment.

Clarke-Oderson said, “We are excited about the no idling policy; energy saving is a big thing at this point in time and we have to do our part in that respect. A company’s success is not only measured in mere financial figures, but it also has to look at its contribution to the environmental, social and governance sphere of society.  ICBL is seeking to reinforce our commitment to being a green company by taking care of the environment and beautifying our immediate surroundings. This is not only for us, but for everyone who passes this way”.

Employee of the year 2021 Medical and Health Services Administrator Lisa Brathwaite-Graham, planted one of the trees, while Clarke-Oderson planted the other.

ICBL also participated in the Clean Up Barbados initiative spearheaded by the Future Center Trust, which saw staff members cleaning up Foul Bay beach on the morning of April 23rd.