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ICBL recently staged its sixth annual Summer Internship Programme, equipping 10 young men and women with the skills and experience necessary to continue their journey towards tertiary education and new careers.

In a prizegiving ceremony, the interns,  joined by 6 children who sat the Barbados Secondary School Entrance Examination (BSSEE), were showered with praise for their accomplishments. The young scholars were all children of ICBL staff members.

Both groups received advice from Manager, Performance Management & Employee Experience - Human Resources Felicia Bowen on grasping all opportunities available and having a good attitude. Additionally, Assistant Vice President - Asset Management Sean Yearwood gave them 8 tips on “How to Keep up with the Changes in Life”.

Bowen spoke about the value ICBL places on recognizing those milestones as they embark on different phases of life and also on giving young people opportunities that are extremely difficult to come by. Therefore, she told those gathered never to take opportunities for granted. She gave an example of the 1300 applications they received and continue to receive for a job advertisement posted on social media.

“Do not take these things lightly; the job market is tough. There are people who have degrees and master’s degrees who are in entry-level jobs and want to do better in life.

“There are 1300 other people who I am almost certain would have wanted an opportunity maybe to intern, to come in at an entry-level role but who for whatever reason and because we do not have the capacity do not have the opportunity,” Bowen said.

In a frank and open discussion, Yearwood used his life experiences to share 8 timely tips. They included challenging themselves with mathematical problems since it simulates the brain and causes it to grow faster. The other tips included teaching others, noting that you remember 95 per cent of what you teach. He also encouraged the interns and students to share their experiences with someone, advising that the advantages of doing this may be, receiving new ideas to help you and sharing the weight of the pressure of relationships and schoolwork.


Congratulations to:

Amiri Sandiford - Queen’s College

Faith Marshall - Coleridge & Parry

Jachai Codrington - Lester Vaughn

Nehemiah Watson – The Lodge School

Samantha Nicholls - The Lodge School

Zahara Nicholls - Harrison College.                 

Also, we extend best wishes to Ashlee Sargeant, Kyla Deane, Joshua Best, Jasheka Atherley, Tori Mayers, Tia Agard, Ashlee Kinch, Nathan Husbands, Gabrielle Holder and Kyla Holdipp on the completion of their internship.