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ICBL Greener Barbados Strategy
ICBL Greener Barbados Strategy

Since their initial approval in 2014, the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL) has outstandingly portrayed what it means to be a green business. The corporation has significantly invested in and implemented several measures, especially in ensuring Energy Conservation, Water Conservation & Management, and Employee Well-being & Productivity.

ICBL’s green team effectively installed energy-efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs) lighting on the inside, and periphery, of their business space and affixed high-speed hand dryers in their washrooms. The team also developed and incorporated a comprehensive water conservation policy into their building renovation plans, which has now realized: metered, low-flow faucets, and other low-flow fixtures throughout, and a rainwater harvesting system for drip-irrigating their landscape during low-peak hours; helping to monitor, evaluate, and conserve water as necessary. Moreover, the ICBL green team did remarkably well in tackling employee well-being, by providing a comfortable lunchroom area and outdoor green spaces, delegating staggered work hours, and setting up procedures to evaluate and address the concerns of their staff and customers as matters of importance.

We sincerely congratulate ICBL on their performance as a Green Business, and look forward to working with them, in the future, to facilitate their continued journey of being an increasingly sustainable business.